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Returns and Refunds Policy

Thank you for shopping at Find Wales! Our platform connects buyers with independent sellers offering unique products from Wales. As an online marketplace, we facilitate these transactions, but it’s important to note that each seller on our platform operates independently. This policy outlines the process for returns and refunds, keeping in mind the decentralized nature of our platform.

1. Seller Responsibility

Each seller on Find Wales is responsible for their products and transactions. When you purchase an item, you are entering into a contract with the seller directly. It’s essential to review the seller’s policies and product descriptions before making a purchase.

2. Return Eligibility

Returns are subject to the seller’s individual policies. Each seller may have different terms and conditions for returns and refunds. You can find the seller’s return policy on their shop page or product listing.

3. Initiating a Return

If you wish to return an item, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the seller: Use the contact information provided by the seller to initiate a return request. This could be through messaging on our platform or the seller’s preferred communication method.

  • Provide details: Clearly state the reason for the return and provide any relevant details, such as order number and item description.

  • Seller response: The seller will review your request and respond with their instructions for returning the item.

4. Refund Process

Refunds are handled by the seller based on their policies. The refund amount and method may vary depending on the seller’s terms. It’s important to clarify refund details with the seller before proceeding with a return.

5. Seller Communication

Open communication with the seller is crucial throughout the return and refund process. If you encounter any issues or have concerns, reach out to the seller for assistance. Sellers on Find Wales are committed to providing excellent customer service.

6. Dispute Resolution

In the unlikely event of a dispute between you and the seller, we encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution. If a resolution cannot be reached, you may choose to escalate the matter to relevant authorities or platforms, but Find Wales will not be directly involved in dispute resolution.

7. Find Wales’s Role

Find Wales acts as a platform to connect buyers with sellers and is not responsible for individual transactions, products, or the fulfilment of orders. We do not process returns or issue refunds directly. Our aim is to facilitate a positive shopping experience by providing a platform for sellers to showcase their products.

8. Changes to Policies

Find Wales reserves the right to update and modify these policies as needed. Any changes will be communicated on our platform.

Please review the specific policies of the seller you are purchasing from before making a purchase. We appreciate your understanding of the decentralized nature of our marketplace and encourage open communication between buyers and sellers.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at